The reason many companies struggle to cater to audiences of various backgrounds is because they

  1. Lack diversity, or
  2. Ignore diverse perspectives

Most people tend to gravitate towards sameness. Those who look like us, talk like us, think like us, act like us.

The problem with that is, it limits the amount of true empathy we can have for people who are different from us. Oftentimes, we become so used to one way of being that we convince ourselves it is the right way or best way.

But the desire to understand the needs and motivations of people from different backgrounds is what results in better, more inclusive marketing.

The ability to make people from any walk of life feel welcomed, heard and like they belong is what makes marketers successful.

Which is why inclusive organizations naturally create inclusive marketing.

When you have a team of people who feel safe to speak up and contribute because their unique perspectives and experiences are not only respected but valued, you unlock the most powerful element of marketing: cultural insight and understanding.

Inclusive marketing cannot exist in organizations that are not inclusive.

So, the first thing every marketing leader needs to ask themselves is this: Is my team diverse and does everyone in my team feel like they can contribute equally?

Ask the question and then do the work to build a space where inclusive marketing can thrive.

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How to Build an Inclusive Marketing Team